The Spoken Word Theatre was officially founded in 2016, but founder Jamie Ann Mäkinen, along with cowriter and friend Libbie Suntioinen, has been putting on Christmas Pantos for the enjoyment of the people of Tampere since 2012.

The whole thing started when Jamie went to London one Christmas time and saw a Christmas pantomime for the first time. She can’t even remember the name of the play anymore, but what she remembers vividly is the audience’s reactions to the play and the joy visible on everyone’s face. The writer/director returned to Tampere and decided that she wanted to bring that joy back with her.

The first Christmas panto, in association with the Tampere Finn-Brits and the help of many of the staff and students from the Tampereen lyseon lukio IB programme, was an instant hit and a tradition was born.

The goal of the theatre is to bring the English speaking community of Tampere together. We also welcome native Finnish speakers who want to speak English, either in order to learn or maintain the language or just for the love of it.

We want to provide a place for all those interested in theatre, the English language and having fun on and off stage to have a change to do so.

join us

Are you interested in acting? Stage management? Costume or set design? Or just hanging out with an English speaking group? Then you’re perfect for us!

Email tamperepanto@gmail.com to join our merry punch. Just tell us a little about yourself and what you’d like to do. And follow us on Facebook to find out our latest news.

You can also become a supporter member of the theatre by paying a 50 € fee. Supporter members get discounted tickets for our shows and receive a supporter credit in the all printed programmes.